Friday, June 8, 2012

"I Understand you Run a Rescue?", the Starving Pregnant Cat On my Doorstep Asked

    One day this very pregnant and starving cat walked up to our house, saying "I understand you run a rescue here". "Not anymore,really," I told her, "but come on in and we'll get you taken care of." And in she waltzed. She was so starved that she was a rack of bones with fur on it, and that fur was breaking off. But she was darling, a real nose-breaker if you know what I mean. Put your face near hers and she rubs your nose so hard it is a wonder that she doesn't break it. I managed to get her adopted out without the adopter ever seeing her. Once her new man met her, he was in love. Her new family is picking her up for a doctor's appointment in a week, and if all goes well, she goes home very soon. As you can see, Bonnie is a pretty girl now that her coat is coming in all shiny.   
     Now we have 4 beautiful kittens up for adoption. Each has a very unique temperament, and we call them the X-men litter. These pictures are their 7 week mug shots, but they are now 8 weeks of age.

      Mystique is a blue point though her color is still changing and she might darken up, and is showing a tendency towards torti-point toes and will probably be medium length in hair. Very outgoing and personable, she is the biggest in the litter, as well as the sweetest. She loves to drift off to sleep on her back in your arms while watching you talk. You don't have to make sense, she just loves to watch your lips move, and if you stop talking, she will lightly touch your mouth. She never uses her claws, and when she chews on your thumb, she is so very careful to keep her touch light. She is sturdy, and because of her gentleness would be suitable for a gentle child. She does have one annoying habit. She is the world's hardest kitten to photograph. I've taken dozens of pictures that show empty floor where a kitten was sitting just as I depressed the shutter. She also has a tendency to turn just as you try to take her picture. The picture above was a rarity.

      Gambit is also a girl, a bright colored little calico with medium length hair. Also very outgoing, she's a character, hyper, smart and funny. She also loves to lie in your arms, but she had to be tired first. Until then, she'd rather wrestle with your hands, feet, or even a mote of dust. She is not a sleek, put-together type of kitten. Her hair sticks out in cowlicks in all kinds of directions, just like her personality, always off in all directions, living life to the fullest. She is sweet, but can be be a little rough for young children.

     Nightcrawler is a short haired black and white kitten. He isn't as out-going as the girls, but he loves to play with your feet and hands. One of his favorite things to do is to lie snugged up against your side as you sit on the couch and wrap his paws around your arm. He also likes to do sneak attacks on your feet as you walk by. Not as gentle as Mystique, he still is usually careful not to scratch. Not really a good match with  young children.

      Wolverine has a black tabby and brown tabby face with huge eyes. As you can see in this photo, his coat shows some agouti banding as well as the tabby stripe, which is very pretty. He's the smallest, and the shy one of the litter, but that doesn't mean he isn't a little love, he just needs warm-up time before he comes to play with you. He entertains himself well, but will happily play chase and pounce just like the others. He likes to sit on the back of the couch behind your head rather than down on your lap. Better for an older child with patience, or an adult.