Monday, August 5, 2013

What is it like to sleep when you have rescues?

Last night I repositioned my body pillow and blanket, a nightly ritual because the dogs kick them around during the day when sleeping with daddy, then turned off the light. Before I could get into the bed, the big dogs jumped onto the bed and Chico the pit curled up onto Chuck's pillow (Chuck works nights) which put his butt right on the end of my pillow. After persuading him to move over a couple of inches, I managed to pretzel myself into the corner they left me, reached for my body pillow...yuck, it was sopping, and so was my blanket. When I had gotten Chico to move, his nose had brushed them. Both of the big dogs have noses that are so wet that with one touch, they can completely soak the front of a shirt when they snuggle you. Before I could decide to get up and see about a dry blanket, Dora (cat) jumped onto me and pawed her way under the blanket, where she promptly sneezed and soaked my legs. By this time I was so covered in bodily fluids that I just gave up and tried to go to sleep. Besides, I knew that even if I got completely fresh bedding and took a shower, it would be a waste of time, as the scene would just be replayed. Then Amber (cat) came to sleep on my feet and Dora moved Chico so she could lay with her back up against my face and maybe smother me. Typical night trying to get to bed.