Thursday, September 17, 2009

Missy, before and after

 Missy, the way we found her with sunburned hair, mats and bloody paws.

It looks like my sister intends to keep the little Yorkie that wandered up to our house.  She says she is just going to take care of some of the dog's problems first, but she's getting awfully possessive already.  So far Missy has her shots, license, health checkup and has been groomed.  The vet also discovered that she had a luxating  patella (slippy knee joint) and someone had hit or kicked Missy in the mouth, and next week she will be going in to have some loose teeth pulled and to get a close up inspection to see if there is any other damage from the kick.
How do people feel when they kick such a tiny animal?  Powerful?  Oh, yeah, I can whup that five pound dog!  I  rescued a miniature pincher that was underfed, had a choke chain left on her as she grew that had to be cut-off, wasn't spayed, had an unaddressed tumor, heart and lung disease, and oh, yes, was kicked multiple times so that the spines on her vertabrae were broken.  The people we got her from had the gall to insist they loved this dog, but that she was afraid of men..  Hmmm, maybe it was the man who kicked her?  My husband sat on the ground and the dear girl  crawled right into his lap and snugged up to him.  My dear man fell in love instantly, and I didn't tell him the problems I had found just in the first few seconds, until we got almost home with her.  I didn't know about the enlarged heart or the chipped spine until I had the vet look at her (she cried when she saw the x-rays), but I knew something was seriously wrong, and if nothing else, I was going to give that dog a peaceful end..  That dog was trained to be my mom's hearing ear dog, a job she performed admirably until the day my mom died.   She rescued my mom, giving her a measure of independence and security.    Hopefully, Missy will help my sister, who really needs someone now that she is a widow.                                           

 Cute, but what a mess.  You can see the pain in her eyes from the stickers embedded in her feet.



Missy now.  Happy, sassy and oh so darling.

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