Monday, December 23, 2013

Cat's Prayer answered (at least for this one)

Cat's Prayer

I hope I'm not asking too much, Lord;
All I want is a home of my own,
And to know when my next meal is coming
Instead of the scraps I get thrown.
I've been out in the cold for so long now,
Just coping as best as I can;
But it's not been so long I've forgotten
The touch of a soft caring hand.
I look in house windows at Christmas,
As cats doze by the fire, quite replete;
How I'd welcome a box in the kitchen,
And tasty food for me to eat.
For me there was tinsel and giftwrap,
But the fun didn't last very long.
They put me outside with the rubbish;
I still don't know what I did wrong.
I really don't want to be greedy;
At the moment I'm all skin and bone,
So would it be too much to hope for
That someone will give me a home?
Author Unknown

Jerry came to use 2 weeks ago and we didn't think he was going to survive. He has an abcessed tooth, but is too weak to have it taken care of, so he is on antibiotics. Look carefully at the first picture and you can see his backbone sticking up. When he came, he was just a skeleton with fur, but he has the will to take over. You can see the look on Chico's face because this tiny cat has taken over "his" human. You can also see just how thin Jerry is. He is still at risk, but whether he makes it or not, at least he is now warm and has a full belly. And love.

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