Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

It seems more kids will be on the streets this Halloween, at least if Tuscon is any indication.   Some of our most popular safe events have been cancelled, including the big one given by the police and firemen at the baseball park.  Thousands of kids have gone there for years, and more thousands to the Rodeo grounds.  Both are shut down this year due to lack of funds.   There is the event at the university, but nothing else really big, so that leaves house to house trick or treating to fall back on.  Before you take your kids out, parents, take the time to look up local sex offenders and then make sure you avoid their houses.  In years past, the police had them all come to a special event that kept them away from kids, but I guess that was cancelled, too. 
Kids, make sure you look both ways crossing the streets, stay with the group, and even though tonight  (and only tonight), you get to take candy from strangers, remember to have your parents check that candy before you eat it.

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