Sunday, November 22, 2009

Poor little Missy

Remember the little Yorkie that came strolling up to our door back in August?  First she had to have mouth surgery because she showed evidence of being kicked in the mouth.  A couple of teeth had to be removed, but the damage was taken care of without too many problems.  Then just when she was to be spayed, she went into heat.  Finally, this last week she was spayed.  The vet also removed a lump on her breast that I had found.   The results can back positive for cancer.  The  lab says she will have only a 16% chance of any future occurrence of it because they got it cleanly and we had found it early.  I'm glad she is one of those dogs who flip onto their back for belly rubs, or I may not have felt it so early.  I don't think my sister will let her be put up for adoption after this. 
When we got the report, I had a few musings.  Why was she wandering the streets?   How did she got our address?  How did she get guided to someone who, though barely making ends meet herself, would do what it took?  What made my sister decide to buy the health insurance for Missy that made it possible for her to be able to get Missy in sooner rather than later?  She has never bought that insurance before, but she said she just thought Missy might need it.  Did Missy know something was wrong?  We always remarked what a serious girl Missy is for a Yorkie.  Now, though still bruised and sore from the surgery, her eyes have a much happier sparkle, and we are seeing hints of the normal mischievous Yorkie attitude. 

Makes one marvel at the chain of events that happened to save this little girl.  Or miracles.

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