Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Petition for HAPPY (HR3501)


This is the address for one of the petitions for the HAPPY bill.  There are several petitions out there, and anyone who rescues animals knows why.  People are having to choose between keeping their homes and keeping their pets.  The rescue community is overwhelmed and the adoptions are drying up.  I still have the same cats available for adoptions as are posted below.  Not being a 501(c)3, in order to show my cats at local adopt-a-thons, I have to coattail on another group.  But they are all struggling to place their own animals and right now view me as competition for homes.  Besides, they keep telling me, they know my cats will not just be dumped, and they get good care, they are safe where they are and IF adoptions ever pick up again, then I would be welcome to coattail.  Til then, good luck.
Non-pet owners may not realize that this does affect them, and where their tax money is spent, but the pounds are budgeted by the cities and counties.   Housing the numbers coming in is out of the question for many facilities, but killing them is costly, both in the direct monetary cost and the  psychic damage done to the people who's job it is to kill a pet merely to make room.   I know about that damage first hand, I used to have that job. I  have nightmares of my approaching the pearly gates which is blocked by a large crowd of animals.  The animals I killed because they were inconvenient to someone and we could no longer give them space.  They are all shouting "She killed me".   My doctor tells me I have PTSD.  If I get treated for it, it will come directly from the taxpayer's pocket, as I am a veteran and the VA is my health care facility.   How many others are treated for PTSD or depression on the taxpayer's dime?  Most who do this job are either city or county employees with health care benefits, or employees of humane shelters on bare minimum wages so have to rely on state care.  You can see how this even affects the pockets of  people without pets and even those oddities who don't even like pets.
We need this passed, but it would be more helpful if there was a little tweaking done to it first so it helped the right group of people.  Scroll down to my post of November 9th so that you can see how the bill would affect you, as it is, and so that you know what to ask your representative to do.

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