Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bubba won a photo contest by showing his heart

Bubba won a photo contest on Thriftyfun!
His full name is Bubba Flowerface and he is a six year old cat. He was born in our closet. His mother was a rescue kitty that showed up one day at our feral colony. He loves to pose for photos and show off his handsomeness. In this picture, he shows off his heart.
Bubba's mother was an Abyssinian or Abyssinian mix, and his sister shows it. We think his father was one of the black and white ferals named Tux. Bubba has a white stripe on his back leg exactly where Tux does, and it also matches the top line of Chi's stocking on her back leg.   It really could be any other cat, though.
His mother showed up in the feral colony we take care of. She was friendly and pregnant, so we brought her in and set up a box in the bottom of the closet for her to have her babies in. She had four: Bubba, tiny Dora the Explorer, Casper and Pollux (twins). The twins were born in the same sack, something I had never seen before, and I have worked with dogs and cats for 30 years.
Bubba loves stick toys, whether they have string, feathers or material strips. He also likes to cuddle and bathe the rescues. Bubba got his name for being Dora's brother, and the Flowerface because as a kitten he was one of those pansy face kittens with a round face and big eyes.
My mom really wanted to show him in the neutered housecat category at cat shows, because she said she had never seen a prettier cat at any of the shows, but she was not able to do this before she died.  He is available to be adopted, and if anyone had the desire to show him, I'm sure they would have great luck, as long as he agreed that he wanted to show.  He also is quite photogenic and loves to pose for the camera.

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