Saturday, January 22, 2011

Government budgets

What drives me nuts are all the proposed cuts to pensions and medicare, programs that help the poor, schools, police and fire. When cities burn down because there aren't enough firefighters, honest citizens have to choose between robbery and starvation (and there are no cops anyway to make them think twice), cities become places no business wants to be, and even more of them move to China.
I think there would be a lot more fat cut if anyone making a million dollars last year got paid 1 dollar this year. Elected politicians should be paid no more than 150% of the median wage of their constituents, and only get the benefits they are willing to give the people they supposedly serve.
Or maybe we should pay them an hourly minimum wage. No overtime (since they don't require regular people to be paid overtime) and no pay for any time they spend politicking instead of working. They can run for office on their own dime. If they don't like it, maybe regular people can get the job done.

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