Sunday, January 16, 2011

My favorite adoption

One of my favorite adoption stories was the cat that adopted me. Whenever I had to pull euthanasia duty, I would go into the cat room to recover. Sandy would always comfort me, standing up in her cage to put her paws around my neck and rub faces. Whenever anybody approached her, she was sweet and friendly to man, woman or child. I couldn't understand why such a sweet cat wasn't adopted. Finally, one of the councilors asked me to stand in the other room where Sandy couldn't see me and watch through the window. When anybody approached Sandy's cage, she backed into a corner and sat there indifferent. Her whole aura was a snub and off putting. I was told by everyone in the adoption room that she was always like that.I went into the room, she saw me and immediately started purring loudly mewing and rubbing the cage door, trying to entice the closet people, responding to them like they were her long lost loves. Eventually, she got sick and I was told to sign one of two papers, her death warrant or her adoption. Of course I adopted her. To me, she was always the sweetest most affectionate cat you could ask for. For others, she was rude and insulting. Did you ever see a cat flip someone off with her tail? Every person coming in my house was given the flip, and recognized it as such. One man didn't get the flip. Him, I married with her approval.

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