Saturday, August 15, 2009

MORE exciting yarn news

While at the thrift store finding the future dog blanket (below post), I found three other afghans and instantly knew that I wanted to use them for a wedding ring afghan. The top picture shows the balls of yarn I ended up with once I frogged (ripped it, ripped it), or unraveled it for those non-crocheters out there. The afghan they are sitting on is another buy at $1.50. Large enough to completely cover one and in perfect shape. I never liked harvest gold and avocado before, but this one I like. I think I will keep it. The other three afghans were $1, $3 and $.75. Now if I ever finish my UFOs (UnFinished Objects) I'll make me that quiltagan. Of course, if I make it, I'll probably just have to give it as a Christmas or wedding present, it would be too pretty to suffer the slings and arrows and other unmentionable onslaughts of living in a rescue household. At least if the picture in my mind is the quiltagan that I make it will be.

While frogging the one with the fringe, I learned a new stitch. It works up very quickly. I have seen it before, but I had no concept how it was done. I'll set it down here, and if anyone knows the name of the pattern, please let me know. If there is a designer out there who deserves credit, let me know so I can give due credit for this simple, quick and pretty pattern.

for pattern stitch using american convention: foundation chain multiples of 20+ 13 *double crochet 10, chain 10* repeat from *to* across, always start and end row with 10 double crochet. Repeat rows til desired length, single crochet down closest side, don't cut yarn and secure stitches so they don't pull out.
Now the tricky part to explain. I wish I had thought to take pictures, but it was only by taking it apart that I understood it. The chain 10s make a ladder of chain 10 rungs. Starting at the bottom rung on the first ladder, pinch the center and pull it up behind the 2nd rung . Pinch the center of the 2nd rung, bring it through the pinched center of the 1st rung, bringing it behind and behind the 3rd rung. Done right, it twists them all together and the top one holds the lower ones together. If you let go of the top twist, the whole thing falls apart quicker than a run in a cheap pair of nylons. At the top of the ladder pin or tie the last twist so it can't come loose. Do all the ladders this way. Pick up yarn, single crochet in 10 foundation chains, *[single crochet in 3 foundation chains, skip 4 foundation chains (which forms the loop), single crochet in 3 foiundation chains], single crochet in next 10 foundation chains * Repeat from*to* across. Single crochet up side. Single crochet in tops of 10 double crochet, *[single crochet in1 chain, flatten pinched loop with finger, single crochet in 2nd chain while also going through 5th chain (near side top of loop) single crochet in 6th chain (far side top loop) also going into 9th chain, single crochet in 10th chain], single crochet in tops of 10 double crochet*, repeat from *to* across. Fasten off.
I hope I described the stitch well enough for someone to try it. If anybody tries it, let me know how it works.


  1. The afghan with the chained loops is called "Jacob's Ladder". You can find a written pattern at

  2. I'd have to print your post and sit down and do it with yarn in hand to be sure I understand it!

    I saw lots of yarn at one thrift store, and bought lots of yarn at another today! I also got a childs knitting lesson book and kit for $1. and only spent about $5. for 2 skeins baby yarn and 8 skeins of novelty yarn plus some odds and ends! Sometimes I don't find a thing! Shelly

  3. When I look at the enlarged photo, it seems that the double crochets are worked in the back loop only.

    This is now high on my list of patterns to do. Thank you for posting it!

  4. I can relate to making sure things around the house are kept from "the slings and arrows and other unmentionable onslaughts of living in a rescue household", for I do the same. Right now I have 1 dog rescued about 10 years ago, 2 cocktiels, 8 tanks of fish, and 1 momma kitty who has just had her third litter. I kept two from her first, two from her second, and got my eye on a couple from her third. But alas, I must move and am afraid I must find homes for them all~~except my Kayla-the dog. She is over 10 years old, suffers from arthritis and cataracts. I couldn't give her away for she has been my best friend for 10 years.
    I love the yarn, patterns, looking at the photos.