Friday, August 14, 2009

This week we found a dog and caught a kitten

This little Yorkshire girl just walked up to our door last Saturday (August 8th, 2009) and just asked to come in. She's very sweet, looks and acts like she was well cared for at one time. We think she understands English, though no commands we have tried, but we live in the heart of a Hispanic neighborhood, so we can't be sure. Her hair is terribly sunburned and her feet were burned by the pavement and she was full of cactus and burrs. She has no microchip. If you are missing a yorkie, or know someone who is, please email me at She already has an interested adopter, so if you want someone to adopt, please adopt one of the cats we have available. (Read Ebonetta's story below.)


This little boy was caught last night, after midnight August 14th, 2009. Five minutes after we caught him, Chuck held him and I examined him. This morning he was purring for his pictures. Believe it or not, he is actually a feral kitten. He was born in the junkyard across the street. A few weeks ago, we were taking the garbage out, and he was sitting right there on the porch. Behind him were the two spayed cats we call The Aunties, with what can only be called encouraging expressions on their faces. He looked at us a long moment, but decided not to come in at that time, thank you. But he was very curious, raising his neck like E.T. (if you're old enough to remember
that) and trying to see inside the house. As soon as we caught
him this morning, we took him to a secure facility, which we
call the bathroom. Right away, he was looking around and
putting his paws out to touch things. We have had a few other kittens this bold, and I think they are too curious to be afraid As you can see, he is unafraid. We think he will be ready for
adoption in about three weeks.

Wave for the camera, Jet


  1. Awww so cute! Black kitties get such a bad rap, but I just love them. We have a feral who wasn't adoptable because she was too skittish. Took her months to finally get used to me, took her longer to warm up to my husband, but now she is a wonderful happy member of our family and runs and plays with our other rescues. We just love her.

  2. Beautiful baby. Its amazing how some feral kittens are offered a bowl of food and decide for themselves, 'okay, that settles it. I'm tame!'